Special Needs

OLOR, as a Catholic Diocesan Systemic School, has a particular obligation to ensure that Catholic schooling is as inclusive as possible in accordance with the Gospel values of respect, equity and social justice teachings of the Church. 

A particular focus is on:

  • Ensuring a quality education which maximises the individual development and achievement of all students;
  • Establishing a culture that is supportive and responsive to individual’s needs and whereby each student is recognised and valued;
  • Promoting the access, participation, engagement and enhanced learning outcomes of Catholic students with a disability;
  • Developing a whole school approach, response and responsibility towards a student with a disability;
  • Providing adjustments for each student with unique learning needs;
  • Encouraging and supporting increased involvement of parents in decision-making and planning.

Adjustments are made for students who have a physical, intellectual or learning disability, a hearing or visual impairment, an emotional disabiilty or who have other special needs which affect their participation in the school environment.  Adjustments enable students to participate and have access to the curriculum and school community.

Students with disabilities will have an Individual Program which is developed in consultation with all personnel involved with the student’s education.  Intensive Reading Support, Fine Motor Groups, Numeracy and English Groups and Social Skills Program will support those students identified as needing assistance.

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