Forms for Parents

NCCD Letter for Parents

APPLICATION FOR EXTENDED LEAVE If a parent wishes to take their child out of school for a period of 10 days or more for a holiday, travel overseas or for family reasons, a application form needs to be submitted to the school principal before the leave is taken.  For approved leave, the school will then provide the student with a ‘Certificate of Extended Leave’.  Please download the ‘Application for Extended Leave’ form below and send to the school office.


MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOL To keep in line with Diocesan WH&S procedures, staff at OLOR will ONLY BE ABLE TO administer medications to students when accompanied by written instructions from a medical practitioner.

This includes PRESCRIBED medications and all NON-PRESCRIBED medications such as Panadol and Nurofen.

This policy relates to every student and is applicable when a student is at school or at any school related activity such as excursions, camps or sporting events.  All requests for medication to be given to a student need to be accompanied by an authorisation form.  This form is available to download below.

Request To Administer Medication in School - MUST BE SIGNED BY A DOCTOR