Students engage with technology on a daily basis at OLOR. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard as well as laptops and iPads which are used extensively in all KLAs by both teachers and students throughout the day.

Additionally we have an IWB in our library and also in our dedicated music and art rooms. We believe that technology provides opportunities for our students to enhance all their learning experiences and become critical and creative thinkers.

Students participate in a range of activities including the use of web 2.0 resources, research on the Internet and the exploration of ideas and recording learning using various Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher.

Every classroom, including the library, has a desktop computer and a number of laptop computers available for the students to use. With support from our Parents & Friends Association over the last couple of years we have dramatically increased our student/laptop ratio in classrooms. Students in Stage 3 now have one computer per student with other grades offering access for three students per laptop. A bank of laptops is also available and used in library. All classes now have iPads which are used across each school day and these are integrated into classroom lessons.