Religious Education

Our Lady of the Rosary, as part of the Catholic community, educates and forms our students as disciples of Jesus.

We offer quality education as an expression of the Catholic worldview which permeates the total school environment by offering a range of opportunities for students so that they may participate in the life of the Church and experience what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. It is present throughout the school in the relationships, in the symbols, in pastoral care, in daily rituals and routines, in celebrations, in policy making and in timetabling and it emanates from an understanding and appreciation of the Sacred Scriptures and the life and tradition of the Church.


At Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School the teaching of Religious Education is in accordance with the Diocese of Broken Bay K-12 Religious Education Curriculum This outcomes based curriculum, is divided into five strands which include:

  • God, Revelation and Human Destiny
  • Jesus, Human and Divine
  • Church and Discipleship
  • Prayer and Sacraments
  • Sacred Scripture.
Broken Bay Religious Education Syllabus