Hear From Our Students & Parents

Why our students love our school

Why our parents love our school

“The staff, teachers are very supportive of the children. There is definitely enthusiasm to teach.”

“I value most the relationship of the parents with the school community. The way the kids grow with faith, respect and embrace diversity within the school and outside, is a good thing.”

“Nurturing environment within Catholic faith.”

“Caring atmosphere, with staff who really support academic and personal growth of our sons.”

“Such a welcoming and inclusive school. You can tell the staff are happy to work there and this reflects in excellent teaching.”

“The sense of community engagement around social events and engagement in school activities.”

“OLOR is a fantastic school, with a strong sense of community. The leadership team is second to none and the teachers are fantastic. We feel that our children are receiving a quality education, they are truly known by the whole staff and not just a number.”

“Sense of community; parent information and engagement; grounds and classrooms; OSHC; teachers.”

“Quality of education & student being valued.”

“So many things, feeling of belonging, inclusiveness, genuine care and understanding of every single child and the sense of community.”

“The teachers and how much my child enjoys being at school being taught by them.”

“Community involvement, being personal, openness, communication.”


We love OLOR for so many reasons! The teachers are amazing, caring and so welcoming. The kids happily skip off to school every day enjoying many friendships and the excitement of what they will learn today. The school community in and out of the school grounds is so warm, fun, exciting and social. No matter what grade your kids are in or who they are friends with, there are always so many amazing parents to socialise with. We've loved every minute at OLOR and excited to be there for many more years to come!


We love being part of the OLOR family. Our 4 kids are have the best learning and social development experience. This is thanks to the most amazing overall support and personalization of their education journey based on needs. The staff are all incredibly caring and generous with their time. Overall a really wonderful, welcoming community.

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