Strategic Direction – SIP

Our shared vision for Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School is to provide a quality education in a Christ-centred, Catholic community where children are nurtured in a secure and challenging environment.

‘Empowering our children to be critical thinkers who are able to make a difference in their world as witnesses to the Good News of Jesus’.

We have a strong commitment to improvement at OLOR and each year develop a School Improvement Plan (SIP) around the three key areas of:

  1. Catholic Life and Mission
  2. Learning and Teaching
  3. Pastoral Care

Strategic Goals: Catholic Life and Mission

To develop students as disciples of Jesus using the ‘Head, Heart, Hand’ model of transformative learning.

Key Improvement Strategies

  • Explore and develop a greater variety of prayer experiences for class prayer
  • Organise PL around rich prayer classroom liturgy exteriences, RE assessment and journalling.
  • Introduce student journalling to enable students to write about their ‘relationship with Jesus.’
  • Introduce a common mediation/prayer time to the weekly timetable
  • Develop a ‘cultures of thinking’ rubric for Mission
  • Develop deeper awareness of and commitment to Social Justice initiatives and students’ responses

Strategic Goal: Learning and Teaching

To develop students as creative, self-directed learners

Key Improvement Strategies

  • Professional Learning on (i) high quality pedagogical practices, (ii) student goal setting, (iii) student feedback/forward and (iv) Naplan writing rubric.
  • Deepen understanding of Cultures of Thinking and develop a CoT rubric for learning and teaching. through involvement in staff PLC (Professional Learning Communities)
  • Continued focus on analysis of data and differentiation
  • Use of a range of mobile devices in classrooms – ipads, laptops, apple TVs and Chromebooks

Strategic Goal: Pastoral Care

To enhance learning across the curriculum, underpinned by wellbeing principles

Key Improvement Strategies

  • Continued focus on ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ (SEL) for students
  • Involve grades in special programs to foster emotional learning – Rock and Water in Year 4; Girls Power and Boys Power in Year 5 and 6
  • Conduct Get Lost Mr Scary and Seasons
  • Explore ways to incorporate SEL strategies into the learning/teaching program
  • Cybersafety lessons K-6
  • UR Strong program
  • Wellbeing Week in Week 7 of each term to encourage stillness, silence and simplicity and time with family
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